What Is Manipulation Or Researcher Interference In The Research Study?


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The extent of interference by the researcher with the normal flow of work at the work place has a direct bearing on whether a study undertaken is causal or co-relational. A co-relational study is conducted in the natural environment of the organization with minimum interference by the researcher with the normal flow of work. For example if a researcher wants to study the factors influencing training effectiveness all that the individual has to do is develop theoretical framework, collect the relevant data and analyse them to come up with the findings. Through there is some disruption to the normal flow of work in the system is minimal as compared to that caused during causal studies.

In studies conducted to establish cause-and-effect relationships the researcher tries to manipulate certain variables so as to study effects of such manipulation on the dependent variable of interest. In other words the researcher deliberately changes certain variables in the setting and interferes with the events s they normally occur in the organization. As an example a researcher might want to study the influence of lighting on worker performance and hence manipulates the lighting in the work situation to varying intensities. Here there is considerable researcher interference with the natural and normal settings.

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