List Of U.S.A Universities Offering Masters In Petroleum Economics?


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Petroleum Economics is a particularly specialist subject so there are not many places that offer this course.

One such institution, offering a Master of Petroleum Engineering course, is the University of Houston. For this course, participants must already have an undergraduate degree in Petroleum Engineering or foundation courses must be completed before enrolling on the masters course. These four courses are Introduction to Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum Fluid Properties and Phase Equilibra, Reservoir Engineering and Origin and Development of Oil and Gas Reservoirs.

The University of Houston has a motto: 'World-class Petroleum Engineering in the Center of World Petroleum' and they are working hard to live up to that motto. Students work in a small teaching environment which ensures they have many opportunities for one-to-one tuition. This excellent center can also provide extensive industry contacts that students in this profession will need to succeed professionally. A flagship energy program is being launched in the University of Houston Energy Research Park so it is a good time to study at the university in terms of new developments and learning potential. There are extremely high standards at this institution and the best students are sought after so it is very competitive to secure a place.
Other universities which offer a degree in this field include;
  • The New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, which offers a Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering.
  • Rolla University of Tulsa does a course in Petroleum Engineering.
  • The University of Wyoming offers a masters course in Engineering Chemical and Petroleum Engineering.
  • The University of Oklahoma, the University of Tulsa and Louisiana State University also offer similar courses.

Try your best to talk to someone in the industry and ask some advice on which are the best courses to pursue. You could also ask for a contact at a particular university who could help with your chosen career path.
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