May I Know Good Universities Offering BBA In America, UK OR Canada? Also I Want To Know If I Can Apply For Them Online?


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There are a number of great universities in America, UK and Canada. Due to latest facilities, you can apply in all these universities online, However, you would have to send your documents by post. Here is a list for best universities that offer BBA:
McGill University
University of Toronto
University of British Columbia
Harvard Business School
Stanford University
University of Pennsylvania (Wharton Business School)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan Business School)
United Kingdom:
London Business School
Westminster Business School
Oxford University
Queen Mary University
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thnx for that info....but i also want to know if they take you if you haven't done A levels....and have done grade 12 from some other board....
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With the rapid rise of online education and the ways through which it has evolved in recent times has provided students with the opportunity and the ways through which they can enroll in different online courses and programs that are offered to them in different countries and the courses that they feel comfortable they can pursue a career in the field of business management.

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If you have hsd then you r acceptable in canada and if you have taken AP exam then USA uni's also accept you,but uk requires alevel
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I want to know whts the procedure of taking admission in uk, canada, or britain.
For BBA .
Can you tell me ?

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