What Are Some Colleges/universities Offering Degrees Or At Least Courses In The Occult?


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Not actually the Colleges or Universities, but search for these

O.T.O - Ordo Templi Orientis
I.O.T - Illuminatus Of Thanateros
Golden Dawn

Gardnerian Tradition
Seax Tradition

In I.O.T there are four degrees in the descending order. That means you have to start from the fourth degree and go up to the first. Each Degree is designed for a one year. You have to seek hard to contact an I.O.T core member.

In Gardnerian tradition there are three degrees starting from the first to three. That means you have to start from the first degree and up to the third. Each degree is meant for one year and one day. Search for Gardners books and gain knowledge first. This will be easier to find and contact a member from.

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