Which Are The Colleges Offering Commerce Bifocal Course In Mumbai?


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Commerce bifocal courses are offered by a wide range of colleges in Mumbai. It appears that in many cases, although the courses are very popular among students because it is possible to drop one of the languages and instead study an additional vocational subject, some places at many of the colleges remain vacant.

Some of the colleges offering commerce bifocal courses include such prestigious colleges such as

  • Jai Hind College,
  • Mithibai College,
  • Ruparel College,
  • Ruia College,
  • KPB Hinduja College and
  • Tolani College, for instance.
In addition, the courses are available at JT Lalwani College, Sydenham College and the University of Mumbay, as well as many other colleges. As there are too many of them to sensibly list them all here, a list of colleges offering the commerce bifocal courses may be found at Mumbai Quikr.com.

This also gives an indication as to where the various colleges are located and gives users an opportunity to request alerts regarding such courses, such as availability of places and start dates of courses, via so-called reply-links. Additional links provide contact information for individual colleges.

Particular subjects that are available in commerce bifocal courses are equally determinable through these pages. In short, the information contained within these pages is of a fairly comprehensive nature, making them an excellent resource for potential students.

Finding the right college providing the right subject is consequently a fairly easy process. All that is required is to go to the page, select a suitable course and requesting an alert when new courses are likely to commence.

After getting the contact details, contacting the relevant college and requesting the relevant documentation and requirements to sign on to the course are a mere matter of formality. All that remains to say is good luck and may study be successful.

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