What Are The Top Ten Universities In England?


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According to the independent "Complete University Guide 2013" the University league table is as follows:

The Best Universities in England and the UK
  1. University of Cambridge: Score - 1000
  2. London School of Economics: Score - 996
  3. University of Oxford: Score - 995
  4. Imperial College London: Score - 959
  5. Durham University: Score - 912
  6. St Andrews University: Score - 855
  7. University of Warwick: Score - 855
  8. University College London: Score - 847
  9. Lancaster University: Score - 841
  10. University of Bath: Score - 824
Universities in Britain
The oldest institution for higher education in the country is the University of Oxford where teaching started as far back as 1096 - but the exact date may have been even earlier. The second oldest university in the UK is the University of Cambridge, which was founded by a breakaway group of Oxford scholars in 1209. These two Universities are rarely out of the top three in the league tables, and are amongst the best institutions in the world. Both Oxford and Cambridge are classified as "Ancient Universities" in Britain and Ireland because they are amongst the oldest institutions in the country - and the world.

The "Ancient" Universities of Great Britain and Ireland.
  • University of Oxford: Founded around 1096
  • University of Cambridge: Founded 1209
  • University of St. Andrews: Founded 1413
  • University of Glasgow: Founded 1451
  • University of Aberdeen: Founded 1495
  • University of Edinburgh: Founded 1582
  • University of Dublin: Founded 1592
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