Where Is Keele University?


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Keele University is situated near Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire in the West Midlands of England between Manchester and Birmingham. The University was started in the year 1949 at the proposal of an Oxford don, A.D. Lindsay. The University was built on the land purchased from the Sneyd family.

In the year 1962 the official name of the University was changed to University of Keele from the prior name University Colleage of North Staffordshire. The new name was derived from the village of Keele, which is located right next to the University campus.

The university has prospered slowly and steady over the period of years, at the moment it has around seven thousand full time student and around five thousand part time students. The university is aiming to increase the student base to ten thousand full-time students by the year 2010.

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