What's The Difference Between A "BA(Hons) And An MA?


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Generally, a BA (Bachelor of Arts) Honours degree from an English University takes three years to complete and involves mainly taught or instructional modules. So, the work is mainly done in lectures, discussion groups, tutorials and practicals (if a science subject - some universities award BA degrees in science, rather than BSc). It may involve a short dissertation or research project in the third year where some independent study is required.

An MA (Master of Arts) degree involves usually one further year's study, but this is usually all independent research work carried out under the supervision of a tutor.
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In Scotland the system is different and you would complete an MA (Hons) as part of a standard degree. However, if you completed a B.A. then it would not usually be a B.A. Hons, it would simply be a B.A. The Scottish education system is separate from the English.
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If i'm thinking of applying for economics at st.andrews which degree would be more worthwhile...MA honours or BSc honours/~?!
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Post graduate under graduate

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