Why do students like studying at universities abroad?


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I studied outside my home country, here are a few reasons why people might chose to study abroad:

- I wanted to travel and see a different part of the world, meet people from different cultures and be taken out of my comfort zone.

- The quality of education might be better elsewhere.

-To learn a new language/brush up on language skills by being immersed in a country that speaks the language.

- To get away from overbearing family or oppressive laws/rules i.e more freedom. For instance, I have a gay friend who really wanted to leave our home country so that he could come out of the closet.

These are just a few reasons.

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They like studying abroad because they feel that in that country there's some thing that isn't in their country, something good, something different, something nice! And so this makes them want to study abroad! And also some students study abroad because they like that place and they have a wish to go and study there just like me ! ;)

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There are many benefits to undertaking a study programme abroad. In the UK and other European nations that form the EU, there are programmes such as the Erasmus Exchange, whereby students can study for between one and three semesters in another country.

One of the biggest factors of the Erasmus programme is that there are so many different languages within Europe, and the programme allows students to benefit from learning, or improving upon, these languages. For example, a student of the UK studying for a tri-language degree, might opt to spend a semester in France, one in Spain and one in Italy. They will attend the universities there and the full immersion into the culture will develop language skills above and beyond any other method of intense language learning. Even students that are not on language courses will benefit from studying abroad as they will naturally pick up a surprising amount of the language and will have access to courses aimed at beginners like them.

Other benefits to study abroad are the chance to live in a completely different way of life to what a person is used to at home. Students from the UK studying in Spain can experience what it is like to eat later than at home, party later (often all night), and enjoy a siesta (afternoon nap). University classes tend to be in the mornings and the early evenings, with afternoons free; and even shops close during the afternoon, re-opening during the evening hours.

A person studying abroad is able to meet new people from a variety of walks of life. Not only will they be sure to make friends with natives of the country they are studying in, but they will meet new people from many other nationalities that have also gone to that country to immerse in the language or culture.

Studying and living abroad can have a great impact on a person's confidence and personal development as well, and is an experience viewed positively by potential employers, as it shows that the student is adaptable, confident and independent.

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There are actually many ways studying abroad can help you in future. A lot of people are attracted by such benefits like:

Better quality of education. Though it is rather difficult to evaluate how the quality education of one or another country is, many people still think that education in the universities of the developed countries is much better.

Decreased cost of education. Of course, not all the countries can boast a lower cost of education, but there are countries where the cost of living and the quality of education are rather liberal for students. These are mainly post-social countries where Americans, for example, will pay four times less than at home.

Better employment opportunities.To find a good job after graduation is one of the main causes that makes students leave their native country and travel to foreign countries. There are several vital features that will make a resume of such student stand out among others

Development of your personality. Leaving home and a necessity to go to another country can be a real challenge, but if a student decides to do that, he or she immediately becomes a grown up person responsible for himself. The absence of comfort zone and uncommon experience, a necessity to get accustomed to the new place, people and traditions transform a teenager into an independent and adult person, so it will be much easier for him to adapt to difficulties of postgraduate life.

Fluency in foreign languages. One important reason for parents to send their kid abroad at least for some period is a possibility to practice foreign languages. Being in the language environment is a perfect stimulus to improve your speaking skills and learn much new

New experience, culture, skills, and memories. Travelling has always meant a widening of person’s horizons and studying abroad is not an exception. A variety of non-customary for your native land hobbies, activities, interaction with completely different nationalities, new friends and even spouses, absolutely unusual delicacies, customs, values, and traditions – all this falls to your knees when you start living in another country and creates unforgettable memories.

Full article about benefits of studying abroad can be found here.

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