Which Countries Offer Free University Studies For Foreign Students?


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Sajjad Gohar answered
Aslam-o-Aleykum, Dear there is no any Institutes that offer totally free education. But there are many institute (univeristies/colleges/schools) in SWEDEN, FINLAND and USA that offer only Tuition free courses. They require registration fee, admission fee but not tuition. Tuition is free for complete course, regardless the course is Extensive(long) or Excutive (Short).
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Mainly when people have desires which are overflowing their minds but cannot fulfill it because they can't afford their dreams, so the question arises in the field of education every student has a desire to travel to a different country for education even I had once so every person searches for the best now there is no such thing in this world considered tobe free in case of education there are not at all free study culture, so if you travel to these countries
  1. Sweden
  2. Finland
  3. Germany
  4. Argentina
  5. Norway
You should better convert your currency into their currency and now these countries have some public institutions which offer tuition free studies but you have to check it yourself the travel expenses, food and living, health insurances etc So the moral of the story is if you are a millionaire you don't have to worry because its your parents who will support your studies and you can consider it free that the education that everybody should be looking for....And feel free to spend your own money because we were not born free our parents have submitted the cost of peace
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None, although scholarships are available in many countries.

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