Is The Education In Sweden Free?


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The education in the University of Sweden is free both for the Swedish students as well as foreign students. However there are discussions going on in the parliament to charge the foreign students for their education at the university. While studying at the university Swedish students also receive financial help from the government for studying. Every student of the university is allowed and allowance of 250 euros per month for the period of 12 semesters, also an additional loan of 450 euros can also be taken if required. Although the studying in the Swedish university is free, in reality it is said that most of the students of the university lie in the debt of anything between 15,000 euros to 40,000 euros. All depending on the course of studies that the students have opted for.
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This thing is good to go to germany because this country is marvellous.specially for students which is not able to afford the fees of universities
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Please tell me the procedure and requirement for getting admission and visa in sweden

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