What Is The Importance Of English Language In Education?


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The age of technology and world-wide communication via computers has increased the need for a common language a thousand-fold.

English represents the fourth most spoken native language across the world. Considering the actual numbers of individuals using English as their first language, it is the principal official language of the world.

Being the primary language in international affairs, it has achieved official status even in countries where it is not the primary language.

Indisputably the primary language used in global commerce and trade, officials in many countries speak English to enable them to interact efficiently with business visitors, tourists and immigrants.

Though software allowing translation of whole web pages is now available, with varying results, English remains the primary language used on the all important World Wide Web.

Whether it is software, applications, free or shareware, the language typically used is English. This equally applies to social networks and many other websites.

Software manuals, fact sheets offering product specifications and hardware installation guides are usually available in English long before being translated into other languages.

In addition, international students attracted to universities in the US, the UK, New Zealand or Singapore, as well as Canada and Australia, will find that the primary language used here for every activity involved in their studies is English.

This includes most technical or medical periodicals giving international acclaim to scientists, engineers etc, as well as peer to peer publications, such as journals, for instance.

Furthermore, a good working knowledge of the English language opens up a large variety of job opportunities in multi-national companies across the globe, as well as in government related agencies, such as the United Nations facilities in New York, The Hague, Vienna and Geneva.

The English language is therefore of utmost, increasing importance in every individual's education.
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The importance of English is to enlighten people to the wonders of books and intelligent communication.
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To educate society and keep the language alive for the next generation.

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English is the language which is used widely in every organization and field.


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