What is the importance of art in education?


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Art is important in education as it will give a student basic cultural knowledge, as well as allowing them to be creative.

I feel that art is a great way to learn about culture, as the types of art that are produced by each culture can be very different.

Take for example aboriginal art. By studying this, you not only will gain an understanding of the type of artwork that they made, but you can also gain an understanding of their history, and type of life they led and the materials they used.

Some ideas of clear cultural differences in traditional art that could be studied are:

  • Japanese art
  • African art
  • Mexican art
  • Italian art
  • Moroccan art
  • Indian art

As this way not only will the student learn about the artwork but it is also an interesting way to learn about places from around the world.

I also think art is important to study as it allows the student to be creative and use their imagination. Usually in a school like setting, students have clear instructions to follow in a classroom. In a subject like art however they are able to be a bit more free about the work they create.

Art can even be used as a form of therapy and relaxation. People use it to let their feelings out an clear their minds. Not only this but a lot of people enjoy it!

If you think about it, children will learn to draw long before they learn to write. It is the understanding of these shapes and symbols that they make which will allow them to understand writing in the future.

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Art education helps for the development of  creative abilities among students.Such a
creative thinking can aid to other supplemental skills like problem solving  and they can also take benefits  from these.Therefore art should be  integral to student’s education, rather than considering it separate. Art is the way
of imaging and depicting the meaning. The beauty of art is very much
broad,which is capable enough to make students innovative. Students feel a part
of school when they involve in arts. Therefore performing and visualizing art
must be a part of school curriculum.

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in the arts is an integral part of the development of each human
being. Arts
refers to
disciplines of music, dance, theatre, and visual arts.
enhance the process of learning and
make a student creative and innovative.The
arts provide challenges to students of all levels, and
promote the understanding and sharing of culture.

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Will NFTs transform the art world? Are they even art?

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There is a lot of debate going on right now between those who think NFT is art and those who don't. I belong to the first group of people. After all, just look at all these masterpieces that are collected on Can't art be worth that kind of money? Some pieces just blow your mind. Just take Everydays - The First 5000 Days, which sold for $69.3 million at auction! Which NFT collection do you like best?

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Providing education and experience in the various arts -of all forms-  presenting examples of artistic free expression, stimulates areas of the brain beyond simple rote memory and basic cognition to open a wider landscape of thought, creativity and an agility of reasoning that would otherwise lie dormant in those absent such exposure. The arts should be recognized as defining aspects of high culture, and an invaluable complement to the sum total of our knowledge and worldview.

I would bid anyone look to any culture they can identify that is deficient (or absent) of artistic expression, to assess if my point is valid. Let's start with ISIS (radical Islam) or North Korea as examples. 

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I believe that art is very important in education because among my friends there are very many gifted and talented artists who have found a place in digital art. Now many of their works can be found on various NFT marketplaces. The earnings from the sale of such unique art items are very good. Therefore, I believe that art is mandatory in education

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