What Is The Importance Of Technical Education In Your Point Of View?


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Technical education means education about different kinds of machines, the ways of working them and different parts of machines. Students are taught about different parts of machines. They are taught how to get the maximum work out of machines and how to repair them. They are also taught the working of different kinds of industries.
Why we require technical education so badly?

Ours is the age of technology. We produce things of daily use like bicycles, radios, electric fans, and so on with different kinds of machine. We have well established industries from which we get things like sugar, cloth, medicines, etc. we have started assembling cars, tractors and other vehicles in big plants. We require technical knowledge to run our factories, industrial plants and manufacturing centers.

Technical education is essential to industries progress. Ours is a developing country. We have to establish new industries and expand the old ones. We have to set up new factories, mills and workshops.

Technical experts are necessary for quick agricultural progress. With the passage of time, we shall have to mechanize our farming on a large scale. We shall need industries producing machines, tractors, tube well engines and so on. We shall need technical experts to run these types of industries.

Our defense industry needs specially trained technicians and workers. Special training institutions may also be set up to meet the requirements of our armed forces in the production of arms and ammunition.

We should offer the best kind of technical training education to our students. Then we may not have engaged any foreign experts in our technical education establishment.
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Technical education means training in technology, industry or mechanics. Its aim is to provide instruction and training in skills that have a practical use. Engineers, builders and mechanics are the most useful section of an industrial society. Ours is the age of industry. In our part of the world where industrialization is just beginning, there is a great need for technical workers. Even agriculture which has been our major occupation will not prosper if modern ways of cultivation are not employed. It is possible only if our farmers are trained to use agriculture machines. Thus they will be able to do more work in less time and give their bent backs a well-deserved rest.

Technical education is not only necessary, but also the only answer to the problems of our expanding economy. Unfortunately, our young men still hanker after office jobs. They dislike working in factories. But the offices are full and there are only a few white-collar jobs are available. Society must respect those who work with their hands for its material welfare. We should know that technical education is the very condition of modern civilization. Our educationists have realized the need of technical education. More and more technical institutions should be established if we want our country to progress and prosper.
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Modern civilization is dominated by science and scientific development. As a result of it, specialization in certain branches and industrialization has become the most important aspect of scientific development. It is because of this reason that technical education has been in demand. In the earlier days, education was meant for spiritual cultivation. The main purpose of education was to discipline our emotions and our thinking, and by doing so, it made us fit for a proper type of social life.

With the passage of time, education became broader in its embrace and more significant in organizing the society. A number of politicians made use of education for propagating their ideologies. For example, in Russia and china of yesterday, some of the saying of individuals was stuffed with certain thoughts which suited their purpose. But, nowadays, educations are becoming more and more job-oriented. That is why; Technical education is assuming greater importance.

Technical training marks us skilled so that we may be able to handle the machine properly. As has already been pointed out, technical education makes specialists in certain domains of life. There are a large number of jobs which cannot properly perform till technical knowledge is acquired. In a developing country like Pakistan, technical education is very important.
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Technical education is the knowledge about machines and their working. This is, therefore, crucial to one’s advancement of the knowledge of machines. It is the age of technology and we have to deal with machines on a day to day basis. 

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General education has been substituted by professional technical education in many cases. Technical education offers good opportunity for employment and successful career.

Technical Education can meet the expanding demands of expanding society and to meet its multiplying demands. The industries, mechanized systems and scientific research centers all over the world prove beyond doubt that our tie with the past is snapped and instead of bare hands we must use machines and technological devices for all-round development and regeneration of human society.

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