How Does Technology Affect Education?


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Technology plays a very important role in all levels of education today. In today's world, all people need to be able to understand and use a computer. Almost every job requires the use of some form of technology. Therefore, teachers need to be using and teaching technology in every class and every subject available.

Students do not learn today as they did ten or twenty years ago. Today, they are influenced by technology. There are many household items such as televisions, radios, iPods, computers and games which students use every day. So, because these items are part of their every day lives, it is important that they learn how to use them in a productive manner. Technology enhances their lives in many ways. Therefore, to be functional in today's society and in the future, technology know how and skills will be a necessity, no matter what the student does in his or her life.
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This actually can go both ways. Technology can be a huge step to the education of today's students, but then again it can be a huge distraction. One way technology is an advantage is the amount of resources students and teachers have access to and how easy it is to get it. Also learning can be a more fun experience for students encouraging  them to learn more. The down side to technology is that it can be very distracting, even thought students say they can multi-task, which very few people can actually do, their brain is not working on its full potential on the work. Also information that is provided on the internet for example can be false or bias, and students are often believing the information
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Technology can affect education in many ways. There are just as many negative points as positive.
Negative points may be that the 'over' use of technology makes kids lazy, in the way they use language, which may show in class work, exams, etc. This can be a problem in their learning and can affect some students a lot. This is because of the use of I'm's and social networking sites, where children will link the use of computers in the classroom and in lessons to where they have used them at home.
A positive point is that nowadays it is kind of essential that computers are used for homework, (and classwork). Without computers kids would not be able to do a lot of their work, for example homework is now set to be done of different websites etc. (this can be a problem however if a less advantaged student does not have a computer, which is another thing to take into account)

Hope this is helpful to you!
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I would like to think that it affects education in good ways mostly.   For example, video conferencing technology is helping make quality education accessible to rural communities and provide alternative learning environments to those that have not found success in traditional schools.
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Technology also helps kids by improving their researching skills and typing for the future.
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Technologies affect the student`s learning in many ways. For example, you can get info about any topic, about any field just simply put the name in the search engine and you'll get thousands of links related to that topic. You can get online education from anywhere around the world. The search for a topic on internet takes only a few seconds instead of books where you have to search a lot many books to get the idea about a small topic and it takes hours to do so. It`s because of technology that you can solve difficult questions in a few seconds, it`s because of technologies that students can access millions of books from digital libraries. So you can say Technology increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the students.
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Research writing all
over the past decade has exposed that knowledge can improve literacy expansion,
impact language possession, provide superior access to information.


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Technology although helpful still has its side effect on young minds. The advancement of technology has led to the invention of better things which help in making the lifestyle of an individual very helpful. But many young kids do not use it as a privilege; they use it as their birth right. Rather than using the technology to prepare themselves better in exams etc, students prefer to while away their time on video games, computer games or watching TV or surfing the Internet. Some kids use technology to be 'Cool' or to be with the 'In' crowd. Spending unnecessarily on expensive cell phones, Mp3 Players and digital cameras.

However technology has also helped students improve academically. In some schools the reading average of students has increased. The use of internet also helps students build database on various topics, thus improving their general knowledge.
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Technology is an added advantage to learn the things in more efficient way.

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If i'm using a cell phone and texting my friends my teacher takes the phone off me and calls home to my step parents , i get written up I'm in Middle School so their strict on you and using a phone while i should be doing my School work is important .

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Technology has affected education in many ways. Many traditional colleges are using online methods of learning which are also called online
colleges. Now students don’t have to travel miles for getting quality education.
All that is required is connection to the internet and computer to plug into
online learning.

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Technology has great importance in education and also in student's life. The systems and the rules are changed in educational field due to the advancement in technology. The traditional class is changed into the e-based learning. Academic assistance is available atthesis writing service. It is a great help for students.

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Increase effectiveness  and efficiency of teaching and learning  process
develop intetrest in students  while learning
dessiminate information to larger no of people in shortest possible time
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Well ,how life be easy if we are watching all kinds of tecnology woking while we don't use.As a matterof face it made world's today need it more that what we have said before its bacoming .
In usual life today we use more than two stuffes of tecnology that's why we had to be needy of other stuffes which iare not inveted yet.
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As this the technology that you are asking questions from whom you don't know, so good technology leads to good education but not always.

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