How Does Education Affect Development?


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Education is said to have a cascading effect. Despite so many teenagers' claims to the contrary, educations has invaluable benefits. This is why countless agencies push for education for all. Education shapes who we become. Spending hours in classrooms for days on end for most of our formative years does have its impact. Education has far reaching psychological, economic and sociological consequences.

It is aimed at training and making us responsible, and enterprising citizens. It is essentially used as a means in order to further the individual's, society's, as well as humanity's future development in addition to prosperity. Your individual development as well as the capacity to truly fulfill your own purposes has a lot to do with adequate preparation in childhood.

The richest countries on this planet, (as per GDP per capita) are those having the topmost level of secondary schooling.
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Schooling and education are not the same thing. True education is self-controlled. Schooling is just sitting in a classroom and learning how to sit down, shut up and follow rules. That's fine for a button pushing drone, but not for a sovereign citizen of a free country. Government schooling must end and youngsters must be allowed to teach themselves.
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I don't think that the Education Affects physical growth of any students. Its depend on school management and family of the students that how to handle the child. Physical exercise is necessary for the growth of each and every children...

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