What Is The Importance Of English As A Second Language Of Pakistan?


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Basically Pakistan is a land where many cultures exist altogether. For example at present time, there are more than 17 languages which are being spoken all over the Pakistan. From them some famous languages are Urdu(it is national language), English(it is official language), Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Arabic, Persian, Pushto, Kahmiri, And some other languages.
There are 3 basic and big languages those are spoken in Pakistan they are Urdu, English and Arabic. Urdu is their national language that is why it is spoken almost all over the country.

While Arabic is language of Qur'an and Islam that is why it is spoken by the people who have religious knowledge of Arabic. And English because it is an international language, it is also a medium of teaching on university level education. It is also official language of Pakistan. Thus English has a good place and respect in Pakistan. It is also a compulsory subject from very early school. So that Pakistanis may learn the new technologies and trend from English. The English which is spoken in Pakistan is basically the British English. That is why Pakistanis are better in English than Americans. So English has a great respect in Pakistan.
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English may be foreign language, but it is international in its significance. It is rightly taken as the lingua France, the common language, for all parts of the world today. There is every reason to learn and use it all over our country though we also need to develop and adopt our own national language in all fields of life. Let us discuss the usefulness and importance of the English language. First of all, it is spoken, read or understood in most parts of the world.

Whenever you may go in Europe, Asia, Africa or in the America, in Australia or the North or South poles you will find someone or the other communicating with you in English. What is more useful than this for a student, politician, trader or artist?
With a good command of this international language, you can belong to whole world as well as to your own country. Rightly then as much as deservedly, you can be called a citizen of the world. Urdu no doubt should be developed through constant research .words and expressions from our provincial languages can be added to Urdu with the aim of developing a composite, comprehensive and complete language, for the whole country.
English, the window on the world, should remain our main language to move alongside the advanced countries, Urdu should be in an advanced position before we can decide to use it in place of English, and that in some fields at best.
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English is the Universal Language of the world. You will be easily understood by other foreigners if you know how to speak it. Mainly in the business area English is widely use. If you know to how speak English it will be a plus factor for you. In some countries they use English as their second language & it is widely use in the different sectors. We should not forget our own language, but it would be better if you know the Universal Language.

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English is very important because it keeps us connected with the whole world!
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I think it's good idea to learn English. It opens many opportunities to an individual who can speak it.
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English is more important t then urdu because of its status every one want to speaks english rather then urdu
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You think it is because so many migrate to the states and open 7-elevens they must be able to speak the language to help them serve the customers...good luck
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I've no idea I think it's c**p because in great britain we learn french when our language is english I guess it's because english is the most common language spoken / learnt in the work.

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