What Do You Know About Scope Of English In Pakistan?


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English has become the language of media. It is an international language, used almost every part of the world. In our country , it is growing day by day.In 1985 , the English language was only in private schools but now Pakistani government is making more and more efforts for the progress of English language. More institutes are being developed and organized. It has become the language of media , trade and science. In Pakistan , the importance of English language is growing and now English language is compulsory in mostly all schools and colleges.

The importance of English is very wide. Our government and official language is English. Our constitution is also in English but there should be more and more institutes for improvement of English especially in urban areas. Scope of English is very large, you can see that every field, demand English . If you want to get a job whether it is related to bank , teaching or it can be any other profession, but it demands English. A person must be fluent in English and he must know all the rules and regulations of English language. So, scope of English can not be ignored. You cannot survive in the modern world without English.
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There is a wide scope of English in Pakistan. You can't survive with out it. Means it is also needed like basic needs.

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