What Is The Education System Like In Colombia?


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Education in Colombia is very religion focused. Spanish is the language of education. The education here is at three levels preschool, primary education and secondary education. Children below the age of 6 join the preschool. The primary education is compulsory and also free. This level of education is for 9 years. However, in rural areas the primary level is restricted to five years, due to the teachers being poorly qualified. The secondary level of education is for 6 years without vocational training. There are around 24 universities in Colombia.

The literacy rate is around 92.5%, where females have a higher percentage over males. The educated rate of male is around 92.4% while, the literacy rate of female is around 92.6%. Colombia holds around 93% literacy rate in the urban areas and in the rural areas the literacy rate is approximately 67%. Approximately 805 of children are provided with admissions every year.
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That relies upon on how you determine that. If you evaluate it to the US K-6 The rates are nearly 90%. If you evaluate it to the US k-12 the rates are less, at around 70%. Colombia does provide "free" knowledge, but the colleges are complete with gangs..and no one.. Except the lowest of the inadequate go there as reported at Online Assignment Help.. Everyone goes to some kind of personal university. As you go up the training and learning steps.. The charges become more costly. Bachillerato is the equal to our Great School (more or less) and not everyone are able to go

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