What Is The Education System Like In Spain?


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The education system in Spain makes the schooling compulsory for the children between the ages from 6-16. The compulsory primary education is of 6 years duration and another compulsory education is of 4 years that is called secondary education.

Usually children start their education at the age of 6 and below that, the education is optional. The academic calendar starts in September and usually goes till June. The students have to meet a certain standard to go to the next level of education. It is a contrast to what we found in England and Wales where the progress of students can happen automatically at the completion of a year.

When a student completes the secondary education, he can apply for one of the Spanish Bachillerato, which is a national level qualification. To enter into a university, every student has to take an entrance exam in most of the cases.
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I would like to talk about a shameful system in Spain for the selection of teachers. It is called Oposiciones and it is used to decide who is a good teacher and give him a job forever.

Firstly I would like to point out that the tribunal is formed by teachers that can have less experience that the people they are testing. A person with four years of experience can test another with twenty! I have found really good teachers tested by his olds students!

Secondly, the tribunal mostly doesn’t
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3, my Spanish friends have to send theirchildren to school at age 3 (first September after they turn 3). The only way out of it is to privately educate. The class sizes are 2 adults to almost 30 children at just 3. Some of the info you give is outdated.
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