Why do university students have to write essays regardless of what they study?


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Essays allow you to add your "Take" on a subject. It ensures your understanding goes beyond mere book rhetoric and you are able to apply your personal knowledge and understanding of a topic.

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Essays are a method of learning communication skills. They  are not just about facts and information on a certain topic ... The research  and collection of those facts, the organization of thoughts and how one presents their information are all learned skills.

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The ability to communicate structured thoughts in a grammatically correct way to others is very important. If you manage to escape college without learning this skill, you should sue them for a return of whatever tuition you paid.

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Michelle Kwok answered

Essays are a way for students to showcase their knowledge in a particular topic, it addresses 3 different learning areas which is to recall information learnt, evaluate that information, and propose new thoughts and ideas themselves based on the analysis of what they've learnt.

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They also help a studentg leanr to write cleasrly and logivallly - at least they should help.  . 

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Students are asked to write papers so they can learn how to write. The topic and content areas are secondary. Knowing how to write cogently and construct a written report that has elements like an introduction, a body and a conclusion is a useful skill to know. It is also useful to know how to construct sentences, form an argument and persuade a reader.

Why? Because when you leave school and get a real job, you may have to write something. A report. A letter. A policy. Whatever. You may need to convince someone that you actually know what you are talking about. You may need to show someone (your boss, for example?) you can string together ideas with some semblance of logic and coherency.

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I don't know and I really can't understand why is it so. I myself wasted tons of time on writing tasks but once found a thesis statement generator on and since then started using different tools like this one to ease the process of studying. Essays mostly are useless. My writing skills became a bit better but I don't need writing skills at all.

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