I am a 3rd year PhD student of linguistics at a mediocre university. I applied for a top university for fun and now I have been accepted! It was my dream to study there. Should I drop out of my current university and start over at the new one?


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Congratulations Ally!  😃  There's a lot to consider.  I can't give a definitive answer of course, but here's some food for thought. 

How many course credits from you current university will transfer?  Is the cost higher, and affordable?  Will the time required for getting your degree be affected?  How much will your career opportunities be enhanced with the more prestigious degree?

This is an exciting and wonderful opportunity!  Congratulations again!

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Ally Gh
Ally Gh commented
Thank a million again. It is closer to where I live thab my current university. I am gonna go with it. It was my dream. YAY.. To hell with time. My dream has become true!
Thanks again for the nice words
HappyTo BeHereTo
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You're so very welcome!! Please stay in touch!!!
Ally Gh
Ally Gh commented
Thanks. Sure
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Yeah if the credits at your current university isn't accepted in other places, I would get the heck out. There's probably a reason why.

Going to a top university makes all the difference. The people you meet, the connections you make, and top universities have career centers that do their utmost to preserve their top university status. Alumni on Linkedin usually don't mind helping people from the same alma maters out either. I know I don't.

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Ally Gh
Ally Gh commented
The new university does not accept credit from any university not just mine. This is a top university so I am gonna go with it. Thanks

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