What Is The Duke Tip Summer Studies Like?(I Got Invited To The Academy At Either Appalachian State University Or University Of Kansas) Please Tell Me If I Should Go Or Not And If You Have Gone, What Is It Like There And Is It Really Worth $3,300?)


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I went to Duke TIP last Summer at Appalachian State, and I was really nervous about going, too! Anyway, on with the questions:
1. It is so much fun! I don't know what class you are planning on taking, but my class was totally fun. Nothing like real school, but I learned SO much! We also had a Kickball tournament with another class, and pulled a bunch of pranks. This was also the week that Michael Jackson died, and we were the first class to know (we were watching the news) so we ran down the halls screaming. My class bonded really closely and we all keep in touch. You have no idea how many inside jokes, songs, and dance moves our class shared together.
2. See question 1.
3. I made a ton of friends, and one boyfriend, but that's a completely different story, and I still keep in touch with all of them! We are all planning to go to the same Summer Studies Site this Summer so we can meet up again. By the end of the 3 weeks, you won't want to leave all the wonderful people behind, and the last night was really really sad. People were crying all over the place because they didn't want to leave their friends.
4. I can only answer this question for App State, but I'm sure Kansas is okay too. The dorms were nice, but don't be surprised if you have to go into the bathroom to get cellphone reception, if you have Verizon however, you'll be fine. My roommate was pretty cool, and we got to know each other really well. Make sure you fill out the roommate form completely though, or else you may get stuck with someone you don't care for. On your hall, there will only be students the same gender as you (usually 4 "halls" on a floor, meaning 4 RC groups: Usually 2 girl groups and 2 guy groups) but across the common room, there will be 2 halls for the opposite gender. At App State, there are 7 floors with students on the 3-7th floors. The 1-2nd floors are for staff and lounging areas. The youngest students stay on the lowest floor (3) and the oldest on floor 7.
5. They send a packing list once you sign up, but you basically need enough clothes to last you 3 weeks, but there is washing machines so you can just wash clothes too.
6. My class was fun, but challenging. Don't be worried though.
7. I'll make a list, there was just SO much:
-Go to the Union (Ice cream and candy here!!)
-Play outside on the Quad
-Hang out in the dorms
-Dances (You don't need a date, and they are so much fun!! Good class-wide inside jokes are made here)
-Trips to the movies/ restaurants/ shops
-Lip sync events (SO FUN)
-Talent shows
-Field day (GO GREEN TEAM)
-Trips to the park
-Slack-lining (IT'S FUN)
-Ummm lots of other random stuff... Oh yeah! Play dough making!
8. I AM going back this Summer, I am going to the Duke Marine Lab.
9. Ummm... Bring some food to keep in your dorm room, you get a little hungry sometimes, and when they say to bring $200 dollars on the packing list, they aren't kidding, 3 weeks of buying soda from the soda machines and snack machines really add up.
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I'm goin this summer there too hope to see you there as well
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Are you going??? Well i hope to see u there then. Well if you are there's this website
http://www.dukekids.bigforumpro.com and it's for kids who are going to the Summer Studies Program hope it helps and hope you enjoy it.
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I'm going too! I went with my mom's friend's daughter last year to check the place out, although I didn't actually attend...It looks really fun though!!

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Well I can't help you, but I am planning to go there this summer...1st term
Hope 2 c you there


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