What Are The Best Universities In UK To Study Genetic?


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You should look at good university guides such as the Times when the results come out for A Level grades or similar. The best university to study genetics and also genetic engineering are indeed the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. Yet you will have to attain a round of As in order to achieve of your goal of studying there. It is very tricky to gain admission into these top universities as some of the top students in the country fight it out for a number of limited places. For more information on their courses and syllabus please visit their websites for more details at www.ox.ac.uk or www.cam.ac.uk
The University of Leicester is another top university to study genetics. If you can get on one of these courses you will have the opportunity to learn and develop your skills in a number of particular disciplines. Life science is an interdisciplinary degree concerned with the properties of living and social systems and ecosystems. You'll study aspects of biology, environmental science, chemistry, and psychology and will be expected to demonstrate flexibility in establishing and linking patterns of research as well as performing a number of experiments.
But when it is time to leave there will be a number of employers who will want a postgraduate qualification and there are plenty of opportunities to acquire one. If you decide not to study further, the number of choice available to you when you decide to leave university is endless. You might be able to go straight into an industry where you will be well set for a role in pharmaceuticals or the health service.
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Better look into the colleges under Havard university,USA.They provide good prospectus and scope in the field of genetics.

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