What Can You Do With A Theatre Studies Degree?


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You could have it framed and stick it on the wall! A theatre degree opens up a world of creative opportunity. It assists individuals by enlarging their understanding and appreciation of performance dynamics, dramatic literature, theatre history and critical thinking. The carrier paths that open up include professions as diverse as becoming actors/actresses, comedians, announcers, dancers, models, magicians, film directors, set designers, singers, stage managers, theatre photographers, producers, costumers, narrators, motion picture producers, teachers, dramatic coaches etc. The industries in which you can look for these sorts of jobs are in colleges and universities, movie studios, stage companies, theatre groups, television studios, production houses, advertising agencies, theatres etc.

Most courses of study in theatre also involve internship programs which help students develop an understanding of the complexities of the industry. This provides exposure and first hand experience.

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