Where Can I Get The Previous B A Question Papers (Bangalore Open University)?


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I need Bangalore Open University History 3 rd year question papers. Please suggest me
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You can go and search the market for those question papers. Usually the previous question papers of several universities or Boards are complied in the form of small books and sold out on cheap prices.

If you still can't find them then either you find a senior student at the same university who might have the question papers or knows someone who might have them. These people are senior to you and would have been looking for question papers like you when they were at your level. Its better to ask them.They might be able to tell you of places from where you can get those question papers in the market.

You should also visit different publishers who do print question papers from previous exams.You can ask them if they are also publishing the previous papers from Bangalore Open University.

You could also go to one of the teachers or your course coordinator and ask him/her about them.

As a last resort, if you don't get the question papers you are looking for then its better to get question papers of other universities who have the same subjects so you can at least know which questions are important.
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Please give the correct adress or provide the books to all the book stores.please do it kindly still i have not recived my books my exam time is left only 15 days.

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