Where Can I Get Anna University Second Semester Question Paper?


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You should find the following websites provide Anna university question papers;

As it is said that many of the questions seem to be repeated in future exams, it can certainly be worth familiarizing yourself with past exam papers.

Like with most things, practice makes perfect; the more practice exams you can do, the better you should perform in the real thing.

When revising for exams it is always a good idea to do the following:

  • Plan
    You should begin by planning a revision timetable. You should allocate enough time for each subject you are revising for and if you are struggling or less confident in one subject, this needs more time devoted to it.

    You will find that planning will relax you and stop you from stressing out that you don't have enough time. If it is clearly sectioned then you can see you will be able to revise everything you need in the time you have left.
  • Practice
    It is definitely a great idea to revise by completing previous exam papers. This will give you great practice in the kind of answers you will face. To make it more like the real exam, it is a good idea to set yourself the same time-limit and also do it in exam conditions. This means no help from books and no noise or distractions from TV, music or family and friends. Find somewhere quiet you will not be disturbed and go for it.
  • Ask
    If you are struggling with a certain topic or subject then it is best to ask for advice and help from your course tutor. They maybe able to give you some helpful tips or even recommend some books to read that will increase your knowledge of the subject.

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