What Is The Height Of A Regular Size Piece Of Paper In Centimeters?


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By "regular", I assume you are referring to A4 paper. This is the most common size of paper, and is conventionally used in printers, for letters and faxes, and general office work, as well as in personal printers. This paper is approximately 29.7 centimeters in length, and 21 centimeters across. However, if you are looking to order paper of this size, you should state "A4" when ordering, as this is the name used to refer to the size of the paper you seek.

A4 paper is generally used in photocopies and printers in the home and the office. However, most photocopiers and printers, especially those used in industry or offices, can print using many different sizes of paper. This is ideal as it allows for the creation of different sizes of documents, such as posters, leaflets and other such creations.

Paper is given the name "A4", or any other similar name which features a combination of a letter and a number, as a way of referring to a ratio of the length of the paper's sides. A sheet of the base size of paper, which is A0, is one meter squared in its area. It is approximately 84 centimeters by 118 centimeters. All paper sizes, when referred to in such a way of "A4", are therefore based around the ratio of the size of a sheet of A0 paper. The ratio for working out the size of a sheet of paper in this way yourself is quite complex. However, it is easy to apply to your home and work life. An A4 sheet of paper, when folded in half (with the fold occurring half way between the two shortest sides) will provide the equivalent of two sheets of A5 paper. The names of paper sizes are not exclusive to the letter A - sizes such as B3 and C4 also exist.
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11 inches multiplied by 2.54 = 27.9 centimeters.
8.5 inches multiplied by 2.54 = 21.6 centimeters.
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I assume you want to know the dimensions of A4 size paper. The dimensions of a regular paper is 8.5"x11". Where 8.5" is the width and 11" is the height of the paper. 11" is equal to 27.94 centimeters.
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The regular size of A4 size paper 8.5 inches x 11 inches.

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