If Lynn Can Type A Page In P Minutes, What Piece Of The Paper Can She Type In 5 Minutes?


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You can use the units to give a clue how to structure the answer. We have "minutes", "minutes/page", and we want "pages". In order to get "pages", we need to divide by "minutes" by "minutes/page".

(5 minutes)/(p minutes/page) = 5/p pages (in 5 minutes)
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You cannot solve this problem without more data,  as you have two unknown variables, but you can pose a problem , solving for "n" as:

n = p5
(p is the number of pages typed in one minute and "n" is of course the number of pages typed in 5 minutes)

You need to know the value of p (p1) to actually solve the problem, which then becomes simple multiplication.
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Thank you so much for your help. Would the answer be 5/p ? If so, how do you come to the answer exactly.
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Yes, the answer to your question is 5/p. "Guest" is using p to represent "pages per minute," but your problem statement has p as "minutes per page." So, the equation Guest has as p*5 is really (1/p)*5 using your "p". That equates to 5/p.
Another way to think about it is this. The work output is proportional to the time allowed (5 minutes) and inversely proportional to the time per page (p). So, 5/p has the right proportionality.
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