After Completing Which One Is Better To Or Mba?


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If you wan to go for any company then you must go for MBA but if you wan to remain in teaching line the you should prefer MTech.
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After completing you four year course of Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.), it totally depends on you what you want to do in future. The prospects in both Masters of Technology (M. Tech.) and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) are great and rewarding. But, again it depends upon what you are interested in doing. Both these fields are different from each other. In M. Tech, you will learn the more advanced and extra versions of what you have learnt in B. Tech. You will have a more complete understanding of whatever you have learnt in B. Tech.

MBA is a totally different stream. Here you will learn the business world which is being operated world over. Here you will learn how to manage a business and all the things related will be taught to you. It is better to do some research about both the fields and then finally deciding upon which field to choose.
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Mtech for making your carrer in teaching & mba for making your carrier in industry
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It depends on your subject that you have studied in B.Tech

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