Which one is best acca or mba?


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I think both are equally good. But the choice depends on what you want to do and where your interests lie. ACCA is more specialized than MBA. MBA is considered much more versatile. Doing an MBA just because its good is certainly not a good idea if your interest and what you like to do is something totally different. If you are very interested in accountancy and finance, then ACCA would definitely be a great choice. ACCA is a great qualification but demands a lot of sincere effort and dedication and would much more challenging than the MBA. Job prospect wise, both are great. But ACCA is a much better sought after qualification. So, its upto to you to decide what you are interested in. Online MBA degrees have also become really popular and are in great demand as well where professionals get to earn an MBA degree while still working.
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I believe both are similarly good. But what does mba stand for the choice depends upon what for you to do and where your own interests lie. ACCA is actually more specialized compared to MBA. MBA is recognized as much more flexible. Doing an MBA simply because its good is certainly a bad idea if your own interest and what you love to do is something completely different. If you are extremely interested in accountancy as well as finance, then ACCA would certainly be a fantastic choice. ACCA is an excellent qualification but demands lots of sincere effort as well as dedication and would a lot more challenging than the actual MBA. Job prospective client wise, both tend to be great.

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