Which Institutes In Canada And America Are Best For ACCA?


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Many people studying for this decide to go to any American or Canadian college that offers transfers to British universities. It seems that there are numerous universities within the United Kingdom that are able to offer world-class education in regards to ACCA. If you really want to succeed in this particular area, then instead of looking for an American or Canadian college that offers the course you should be finding colleges that are able to offer you a transfer to a British university.

First of all, there’s the famous London School of Management. This university requires all students to submit 14 papers during their time at the campus, as well as complete three years of practical work experience in a professional environment. Students must also prove that they can work professionally in order to qualify for ACCA. The courses at this university include things like business and corporate law, financial management, management accounting and financial reporting.

Another popular university for this course is the De Montfort University in Leicester. There is a Leicester Business School available that can offer you a full-time and three-year ACCA course. This includes you preparing financial statements for businesses, studying information systems, learning about audit and financial review, financial strategy and management and taxation. Students must register with the ACCA before they apply to this Leicester School of Business, and the program will not be tailored for international students who do not speak English - so coming from Canada or America, you’ll be fine.
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Anyone plz give me a couple of good colleges for ACCA in america preferably michigan.Thanks

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