Is there any chance to get a job at NASA by completing Electronics & Computers subject in B.Tech Degree?


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NASA is home to some of the world's best and brightest scientists, technicians, and IT staff. The systems and processes needed to run space exploration programs are layered and complex; these operations require the most intelligent, diligent maintenance possible. If a person gets a B.Tech degree in electronics and computers, he or she may not have the specific training needed to be hired as a NASA employee - in general, the company looks for prospective employees with B. Tech degrees in the area of aerospace/aeronautical engineering.

  • Check NASA's job boards

However, NASA is a huge organization, and it hired just a fraction of "rocket scientists" - there may be room in the company for a B. Tech in electronics and computers. The only way to know for sure is to check NASA's public job posting and look at which academic specifications are needed for each listing. 

  • NASA staff must be diligent

Even with the brilliant minds of NASA staff working to organize and implement mission and research and development, unforeseen disasters may sometimes occur, such as Space Shuttle mechanical failures or accidents that cause loss of life and the wastage of extremely expensive equipment.  Therefore, every employee in NASA's ranks will need to be first-rate.

If you apply for NASA, expect to display an excellent grade-point average in your college transcripts, as well as evidence of good character. Criminal record checks, drug testing, and other pre-employment checks may be run as the brass at NASA decide whether or not you will fit the bill. A career at NASA can help a bright, motivated person to literally "reach for the stars".

If your dream is to work at NASA, make it happen, and don't give up. If you don't have the right courses or qualifications, consider augmenting your education so you'll be a prime candidate for a plum job at this exciting, ground-breaking organization.

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