I Want To Do M.tech At I.I.T. Besides Doing My Job. Is It Possible?


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There are many people who take up jobs while doing their masters. The condition is you would not be able to work full time. You can take up a part time job, and continue with your studies at the same time. Most of the jobs of the kind you want to join have a requirement of 16 years of education these days. If you have a four year bachelors degree, you qualify for applying for a masters degree as well as for a part time job. In some institutions, however, if they take up students who are working too at the same time, they offer them an extended degree structure, so that if they are unable to catch up with the burden of job and studies simultaneously, they have the option of taking less courses at a time and extend their degree from 2 years to perhaps 2.5 or 3 years. For details, you must check out the websites of the respective universities you are planning to apply to.
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