How To Study For IIT JEE?


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Make a time table for yourself and dedicate time for all your subjects equally.If you are not sure about how to start and go about your studies, it is a good idea to consider taking up coaching classes. ACE offers good coaching to crack IIT-JEE. More details can be found on the website
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The time has come for another fiercely competitive round of examinations, to crack JEE Main 2019. With just a few months to go, it is time for all IIT aspirants to speed up their preparation. Carefully-crafted strategies, efficient time management, and realistic goals can help them breeze through the examination. With the number of applicants inversely proportional to the number of available seats in the IITs, students must go an extra mile to realize their dreams.

Time management

Organize yourself to prepare efficiently. A daily study plan will help you achieve better results. Ensure that you incorporate regular intervals of leisure time as well. Be realistic while planning your schedule. A well-structured plan can save time and add to your productivity. Try and develop the habit of sitting for 6 hours continuously with 30-minute breaks every 3 hours.

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