I Want Do Mca From Abroad. Is It Possible?


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Yes you can do,but is will be a long procedure to take admission in Abroad Colleges because firstly you have to clear IELTS.
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I want to mca from abroad is it possible?my phone ez 09911884124 or 09661460796.please inform me as soon as possible
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I want to do MCA from Abroad
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Hi buddy

You didn't mention where are you from and where you want to go for further studies. Like if you want to go to England then it is very expensive as compare to Germany.

For England Universities you need more than £7,000 (only for 1 year studies) so convert them according to your currency.

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After mca which courses prefers and which test I can write to join the abroad colleges. Pls inform best test and course to join the abroad.what is the syllobuss of that test.

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