Would You Appreciate Real Sex Education In Your School?


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Ignorance is never dangerous.  It's the 'not knowing' that gets kids into trouble.  Dr. Drew has been a testament to this fact.
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There is in our state!! They start out a bit to soon as they start in 4th grade but it is done in the proper way. That is the very important part.
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Thank Goodness. I'm really starting to fret.
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you don't have this in your state?? if not they really should because it important for them to realize what is going on and what the consequences are if they do anything. they make sure in our state that the parents are signing permission slips for this so that they are aware of what is going on in the class room!!! they send a copy of the material of what they are going over. and this helps us as parents to know that they are being taught in the correct way.
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They usually will give you a bit of info.  with parents permission when the kids are in the fifth grade here.  But I think they should give classes here in high school.  A lot of parents don't explain a lot to their teenagers and they learn it outside the home, and then they don't feel like they can talk to their parents and become embarrassed and get involved in the wrong crouds at times.  Then you have teenagers that are pregnant, and have stds.  So I think it is a good thing for schools to offer, they would probably have to get parents permission, but if parents don't discuss it in detail and answer question some one needs to or the results end in tragedy, with teens with stds and pregnant, etc.  That is just my opinion.
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I see the questions here all the time, & at times don't answer for fear of encouraging already inappropriate behavior.
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I think that they should give the general info in 7th, and then the real stuff in 8th. It should be mandatory for all students, whether the parents agree with it or not.
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