Why Is Physical Education In Schools Compulsory?


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Because kids are getting fat, and don't get their necessary time of exercises per week or even per day. So if we don't want our kids to get fat, put them in a pe class
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Physical Education is what is used to call the interdisciplinary science of all areas that are related to the transfer of knowledge of a physical nature to one person or a group of people, the applied art of these skills as well as their end effects. The fields that are incorporated into physical education include anthropology, physics, psychology as well as sociology. In some places, spirituality is also included as a significant factor.

In the majority of educational institutions, PE (physical education) is also referred to as PT (physical training) or even gym, although they have a little different meaning.

Physical Education in most schools is made compulsory with the intention of equipping or arming the pupils with required knowledge, skills, capabilities and also morals and values along with the zeal to preserve a healthy way of life into adulthood. It is also imparted to teach students how to work together and as a team.

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