What Are The Functions Of Physical Education?


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Physical Education has a number of functions. The subject is taught throughout school life and is intended to keep children healthy whilst also teaching them how to keep the body in a reasonable condition.

Sportsmanship is another function of physical education, as is discipline. The role of discipline is often undersold when people talk about physical education. In taking part in many different sports, children learn that rules are important and as they need to respect authority in sport, this notion will hopefully carry over to elsewhere in school.
The demands of physical education vary from school to school, with some schools making it compulsory to partake in after-school activities and to play for at least one of the school teams in a variety of sports. This encourages pupils to take pride in their school, as they will want to beat other schools that they play against.
Some schools simply have compulsory physical education lessons in which pupils are encouraged to try a range of different activities including gymnastics, swimming, running and even martial arts. All these sports require a pupil to be reasonably fit and disciplined as well as helping to maintain good body posture.
Physical education programs are compulsory in almost all schools, with the only exceptions being on religious grounds or if the pupil has a medical reason not to take part.
Physical education also encourages pupils to work as a team and to learn that other people matter as well. Teamwork is encouraged in most sports, and individuals can also thrive in the sports that don't require teams. These factors mean that the pupils will grow up to be versatile which will stand them in good stead in later life when applying for jobs or carrying on with their education.
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To be healthy...
to be fit...
to be smart...
These are 3 functions of physical education

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To develop an individual's behavior
To promote physical fitness and to
Develop mentally,emotionally, and socially aware individuals

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Calisthenics - good exercise

sports - body development & sportsmanship

skills development

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