What Is The Function Of Physical Education?


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Physical Education, Phs. Ed., or P.E. Is the subject which can be taught at all stages of the eduction system, and at each stage, the teaching of Physical Education has a slightly different purpose.

• P.E for young children

At younger ages, children are thought to need at least 60 minutes (one hour) of physical activity per day - that's seven hours of exercise per week! While the parents are the major authority on ensuring that children get enough exercise each day, exercise at school is also important. By starting exercise habits at a young age, children are more likely to continue to live an active life as they grow up, which will mean they reduce their risk of health conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart problems. Also, at a young age, exercise is a main aid in social development - it helps to teach children the importance of rules, how to be a "team player", communication skills and to encourage a healthy type of competitiveness.

• P.E for teenagers

When children get a little older, daily (or at least weekly) sessions of exercise at school can have more benefits than socializing and being healthy. When they hit their teen years, children are usually given more choice in their sporting activities, so they can discover what they like and what they dislike. They may also start competing in sports on a local, national, and even international level - but everyone has to start somewhere, and the school yard is a great place to start. In addition, teenagers may start to consider sport as a career path - whether it's becoming a professional sportsperson, a P.E teacher or a physiotherapist, there are a number of options available for those who take part in P.E. Those serious about pursuing a career in sport - whatever kind of career it may be - may then need to further their education in college or university in order to become properly qualified.
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The purpose of physical education is to maintain a healthy body through frequent and often exercise.

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