What Are The Example Of Objectives Of Physical Education?


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Physical education is an essential component of the school curriculum, not only that, it is an essential part of our lives. There are many objectives to the teaching of physical education:

  • We must remain fit, active and healthy throughout our lives in order to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives and make the most out of every day. This is why it is important to encourage physical activity in people from a young age and make it a part of their everyday lives. If children become interested in physical activities when they are in school, they are much more likely to carry it on into their adult lives.
  • Physical education is known to not only benefit people physically but it also stimulates mentally and emotionally and helps children with social aspects of their lives as they bond with their team mates and find friends with things in common. It gives people the opportunity to learn new skills and challenge themselves which can ultimately raise self esteem.
  • With obesity on the rise, physical education has never been a more important lesson taught in schools. Some schools may even include healthy eating and nutrition and ways to care for your body into physical education lessons.
  • Over recent years, physical education in schools has altered slightly to include a broad range of sports in the hope that something will appeal to everyone. Sports such as Frisbee, kickboxing, yoga and aerobics have been introduced into many schools as an alternative to traditional sports that were uninteresting to many children.
  • Physical education is also an excellent break from the classroom for many children and gives them the opportunity to 'let off steam', express themselves and use up a lot of energy that otherwise goes unused while sat in the classroom. It can make the teaching of other lessons much easier for the teachers when the children have used up some of their energy.
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