What Is The Major Goal Of Physical Education?


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The major goal of participating in physical education is to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Exercising, alongside eating a balanced and healthy diet, is an essential part of improving and prolonging a healthy life.

Teaching children from an early age the importance of keeping physically fit helps develop a health conscious frame of mind. Taking part in exercise and other physical activities gives children a good basis for an active lifestyle.

  • Physical Education in schools
By law, children must take part in a certain number of physical education lessons a week. This amount varies between countries and states and can range from a couple of hours a week to an hour, at least, a day. Children are taught the importance of keeping healthy and take part in a number of team sports.

Most schools have the facilities for children to take part in physical exercise throughout the year. This could be in the form of football fields for the summer and indoor basketball courts for the winter.

  • Physical Education out of school
Although children have to take part in a certain amount of exercise at school, it is important to encourage healthy living outside of school as well. Giving children the chance to take part in after school activities, such as dance or karate, gives them the exercise that they need in an environment that they may find more enjoyable.

While children should not be forced to take part in any physical education that they are really not enjoying, encouraging them to continue can help build up their social and competition skills.

Physical education has been introduced in schools to help teach children the importance of healthy living. Regular exercise, alongside a healthy and balanced diet, will introduce them to a way of improving and prolonging their life.
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It is an integral part of an educational program design to promote the
optimum development of an individual physically morally mentally and
socially to the properly selected activities...
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