Should mathematics be made a compulsory subject in secondary schools?


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For centuries secondary education has changed or implemented new technologies and subjects into their curriculum. This has happened because of knowledge that has been gained about the significance of subject matter. Although most of us hope that mathematics was no longer necessary after high school we still are required to complete mathematics classes for college credit before we are capable of graduating. This leads one to wonder what the true importance of mathematics is especially after high school because at that point you should have a fairly strong grasp of basic mathematics.

The importance of math in everyday life

For a curriculum to be considered many questions must be answered. Is there economic relevance to mathematics for college aged students? Yes. Even the smallest task like balancing a check book requires that you have knowledge of mathematics. Is there a vocational relevance to mathematics as well? Yes, depending on which career that you choose you may have to have extensive knowledge of mathematics as well. The general education studies that are required of a student before they can graduate are in place so that no matter what major you choose you have an educational background that makes it possible for you to choose any career.

Economically speaking the reason we want to complete a secondary type of education is to have a competent and competitive workforce. Mathematics plays a large role in this area of education because with this knowledge we can be competent and competitive.

Without noticing we use math every day, when we cook we measure food for recipes, when we clean we often have to determine ratios of cleaning solutions, when we pay our monthly bills we have to have knowledge of mathematical theory. Math is everywhere.

To become a competent nation it is important to take advantage of every opportunity that we have to broaden our horizons and expand our knowledge base. Math as a compulsory subject in secondary schools allows us to continue doing just that.

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It encourages analytical thinking and many of the skills in math are needed for for numerous different jobs. Since most kids at that level aren't completely sure what they're doing when they're done, I think it's a core subject that should always be compulsory. But then I suppose it might be easier for me to say that since I had my kids doing addition and subtraction with renaming before they hit grade 1.
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Most definitely as one will always use math in their life forever

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