Should Sex education be mandatory in all schools?


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Yes, it sure should be ! They had it when I was in grade school and that was ancient times. The more kids know, the more they'll know the risks. It's good to teach them properly.

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Agree, when I was going through school in the 1980s it was not around at all. The welfare system in Australia it's far too generous and there are so many young teenage woman who are simply having babies purely because of the money that I will get from the government. It is not an unusual occurrence for a young teenage woman with four or five kids getting well over $1000 a week from welfare.
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It's about the same here ! The more kids, the more money ! What a shame!
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When you give that power to the schools you will start down a slippery slope. The intent is probably good, in that so many parents are failing to properly train their children. But the failure of parents to train their children is such an enormous problem, this bandaid is not going to bring the desired results. The bible says that man does not have the ability to direct himself without the creator's direction. The real solution to man's problem will come from the creator.

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