Should sex education be banned in middle schools?


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No! Studies show, at least in the US, that having the classes has reduced the teen birthrate. Too many are sexually active and by giving the classes they can learn how to protect themselves from unwanted diseases and pregnancies.

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I am glad to see that stat. There was a exstensive study done some years ago with the University of New South Wales which I was involved in with the participation being female girls in grades 6-9 & the results were quite surprising. Approximately 70% of pregnant girls had no sexual education at all & 76% felt pressured by their male partners not practice safe sex. I don't think that you can have too much education. A young teenager ( or even Pre-teen) becoming pregnant can turn their life upside down for a considerable amount of time.
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No, I don't think so. I think it helps to have it because it's something that kids should learn and middle school is when puberty starts for most. We should know about it. Of course if parents want to teach it to their kids themselves, they can opt their kids out of it, but it should still be taught. I had sex ed in middle school and I thought it was a good thing even if it was awkward sometimes lol. But I think I'm glad I heard it at school rather than having to hear it from my parents...

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Here in the US going back 1 or two generations I would give a resounding NO! However, listening to and observing "today's" generation of young and younger parents I would encourage sex education in middle schools.

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It's strange. We naturally understand sex. Teacher may be blushed when teaching it. Sex is private. I think open lessons may be a little over. Just give out some books and videos. If any questions, privately ask for teacher.

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NO!  There's too much stigma on sex and menstruation and everything that is normal.  We need to teach that it is normal to think the things that teenagers think, and through that, we can teach the dangers of having sexual intercourse, which will lower the amount of teenage pregnancies and STD's.

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No, of course it shouldn't.... Many teens don't know how to talk with the opposite sex, they know nothing about relationships and other things... But still some of them can check their skills with the help of dating resources on there. Good luck.

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