Should Homework Be Banned?


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Yes it should it stresses you out too much. Its too much of a burden.
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josh lav
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Homework should be banned it takes over kids lives ,they should be getting out and playing sports and doing what they like
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No, I don't think it should be banned, so much as there should just be less of it handed out to the kids. I've heard recently that there is so much of it given to kids, that it in some cases takes 3+ hours to finish it! That is too much!
When the teachers are handing out for their classes, they aren't thinking about the other classes that are handing out that much as well. This, I don't think is too healthy for a kids social life. Hope this helps, good luck.
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On one side,homework is a burden but one side it is a boon.Imagine if you never get homework,the next day you will not be able to remember what you studied yesterday and imagine this in holidays.Then you will feel like you have vomited all in your bathroom.But it is correct that homework should be given very less and the interesting one.
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Yes it is too time consiming
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Well some times i think it should be banned because it puts lots of burden on students then on second though i think teachers should give moderate amount of home work so that students do it happily and on time. Homework should be must because of this students have a habit of leaning and studying after school but teachers should divide the task and give home of two to three subjects not more than that.
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No, I don't think it should be banned. Homework is just work that didn't get finish in class. It's also work that can't be done in class because either it takes too long to do or there's not enough time in class. But, depending on your grade, you should get a specific amount of homework. Not to much because it's very stressful and it takes away your free time. I, on the other hand, hate homework but no, I do not think it should be banned.
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Homework is a work that help us in studies or revision for us
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Homework is a kind of revision what we have studied at school and for the memory what we have learned so it 's important, i don't think it should be banned.

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Yes homework should be banned its to much stress on kids ,kids should be able to get out and do what they want in their live like sports, hobbies and other activities
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I honestly dont think it should be banned hahahaha lol jk loves ya lol jk to that too! ~ Simone
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I thnik it shodnt be cumpolsary cuz it is borin and it is rubish i thnik it shuld be band coz it iz borin and no person liks ta dew it so dats why i thnik it shold be band.

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