Should homework be banned?


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On the surface, the answer to whether homework should be banned or not seems pretty simple.  "Of course it shouldn't".  

In reality, however, it's not that straightforward... homework often doesn't have the affects that teachers and parents hope, and it can also be a frustrating and burdensome experience for students too. 

I'll explain the advantages and disadvantages of homework a little more below...

Advantages of homework

  • Homework allows a student to make use of what has been taught in school.  It's a great way to develop skills and techniques, and to show that the student has understood the concept of the topic at hand.
  • Homework allows the student to develop the notion of responsibility.  It's up to them to make sure that they complete the set work on time.  If not, there are consequences, and this translates to the working sector following the completion of education.
  • Homework also encourages individual development.  It's more difficult for a student to rely on others to assist them in completing set tasks outside of the classroom.  Teachers and parents can therefore observe how well the student is doing.

Disadvantages of homework

  • Homework can potentially interfere with other important aspects of life, including social events outside of school, and precious time building relationships with family members and friends.
  • Too much homework can lead a student to become bored of the task at hand, and therefore, they're unlikely to perform as well.  This is particularly relevant if the student is struggling with a topic, which can ultimately lead to frustration.
  • There are times within a student's life when homework gets in the way of more important aspects.  A prime example of this is when exams are on the horizon.  Homework can distract from revision, and as such, negatively affect the student's exam result.

Ultimately, homework is a necessary part of a student's life.  It shouldn't be banned because it's valuable in the sense that it encourages personal development.  That being said, it's important that that the amount of homework given to student's doesn't hinder other important aspects of life.

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My teachers used to give me waaaayyyyyyy too much homework. I never had any time to do anything. I had nothing to do anymore and lost interest in all my hobbies (i.e Playing Guitar, Play Videogames, Playing board games, inviting friends over, playing outside). It has benefits but they should keep some sort of schedule on how many tests that teacher should be able to give. Like how the f**k is 8 year old me supposed to write 3 essays, learn 8 chapters for different subjects and practice math everyday without it interrupting my daily life? But I've gotten back into my hobbies now and am in college. But teachers should slow down on the amount of homework they give. People have lives outside smashing their face into a book y'know.

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Home work was never a problem for me.  I just didn't do it.  And even with that, I still managed to graduate in the top 75% of my high school class.

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It should be used as a tool to gauge areas where the focus needs to be concentrated for better understanding in any type of class.

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" Too much homework can lead a student to become bored of the task at hand, and therefore, they're unlikely to perform as well.  This is particularly relevant if the student is struggling with a topic, which can ultimately lead to frustration. "

This is the part which seems to be the biggest problem of modern school and college system, children are overloaded with home assignments. No free time, no personal life, no rest. It causes constant cheating as a chain reaction, I personally do order homework assistance as I can't cope with everything by myself. All of weekends I stay at home learning and learning , I am feeling exhausted before any vacations. I think it would be great if homework was reduced twice, because I still think it has certain advantages. Home training can be very effective, too, it develops lots of practical skills, makes students more responsible and self-organized.

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I do not think that it should be banned because it helps students practise questions and work
on their weaknesses
before their exams. When there is a lot of homework to complete, learners have to schedule
their day to finish it all.
Time management is an important skill that can be learned through this process.

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Choice is always yours - Remember you need to put something today for your tomorrow, education is the only thing might make your tomorrow better?

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Yes. I am way past school age and so is my child. Home SHOULD  NOT b time for more work. Kids should b kids.

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