What Type Of Questions Will Be Asked At A University Interview For Drama In The UK?


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First of all, everything you wrote on your UCAS form will be scrutinised by one of more members of staff, so make sure its true and you can talk about it because some of the questions may come from your UCAS form.

They will ask you the following types of question:

Why have you chosen to study at x University?
Why do you think we should give you a place?
If we offer you a place, will you accept it?
Why have you chosen to study drama?
What's the point in studying drama?
Tell us about your experience of practical drama?
Tell us about a production that you have recently been to see?
What is the value of drama or theatre to contemporary society?
How would you use drama to change the world?
What do you intend to after you graduate?
Where do you see yourself in five/ten years time?

Thinking about these questions will prepare you for most of the types of questions you are likely to be asked at interview stage.

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