What Is Fashion? What Is Fashion In Pakistan And Who Are Top Designers Of Pakistan?


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Fashion word come from Latin "factio". Fashion is manner in which we live, fashion can be of dresses, and fashion can be introducing new sun glasses. We can't restrict the term fashion only to dresses .it covers the whole world of fashion. Fashion in other words we can say that, it is form of anything which can be any style, shape, pattern Etc.
Fashion is something we deal everyday. Even there is certain person around us who says that they don't care about fashion, but every day they choose their new dress for office.
Fashions keep on changing. Fashion shows how you are feeling and shows your entire mood.

Fashion tells the story of a person who wears it. Clothes in fact create wordless means of communication which is understood by all of us. In Pakistan it is a common view that fashion is only for the higher class.

Shalwar kamez is the national dress of Pakistan .shalwar kameez are now coming in different styles and variety. Now even shalwar kameaz is coming with combination of some western touch in it. The material which is used for shalwar kames is khaddar, shafoon, cotton, silk, banarsi silk and even jeans. The famous designers of Pakistan are Maria B, Amir Adnan, Shamoon sultan, Junaid Jumshaid, Deepak perwani, Ijaz Aslam and many more.

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