What Is The Current Fashion In Pakistan?


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Pakistan is blessed with all four seasons i.e. Winter, summer, autumn and spring. With the changing climate Pakistani people also change the way of dressing.    Summer fashion is entire different as in winter, as now summer is already inn in Pakistan, people especially are very moody and choosy to wear the things, trying to wear such things which will be more comfortable. Short shirts are in with long slits. Patiala shalwars are not out and normal are inn, All bright colours are out, pastel colours and floral prints are inn. Evening party dress colours are still bright red and black. Embroidery with mirrors, threads, and metals are very much in fashion      In jewellery, long hanging earrings are inn matching exactly to your suit colour. Nose rings are again in fashion. Big glasses have taken place with smaller ones. High heals are not at such in fashion as compared to flat shoes studded with beads and thread work. Long curly hairstyles are in fashion.  Bangles have always been in fashion and so in this season bangles on short sleeves are very much popular.
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In Pakistan summer has already hit and it has hit hard. The fashion has taken a cooler turn too. These days summery clothes, with cool and light colours and floral prints are in.

Short shirts the thing of the day and so are short pants. The pants are modified form of caprice which are of course much much shorter.

Funky embroidery in loud colours in the thing of the season. Beads are seen everywhere. The embroidery includes beads, threads, mirror work, stones, and metal work. Embroidery is usually favoured on the neckline, the daaman of the shirt and the trousers. Collared necklines are in too.

Blue, Green, baby pink, white and pastel colours like pistachio, peach etc are the ask of the season.

Airy open slippers are what everybody is wearing when it comes to shoes. The shoes, like the clothes are in beautiful colours and give a funky look. Embroidered and beaded flip flops go with everything.

Long hair is in. Although as summer approaches the length is getting shorter. Wavy and curly hair is more preferred in the summer than straight hair. Waves give a softer look.

Big sunglasses that cover your face partly are the in thing. They not only add style but also protect you from the harsh South Asian sun.

Have fun getting colourful and funky this summer!
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Long shirt are wearing with short trouser.
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Long shirt are wearing with ajar...!
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There is absolutely no Fashion in Pakistan. I would rather disagree with the term. Pakistan has got different areas, provinces, cities, villages and towns. Every place and got its different background and cultural value. You can not pinpoint or highlight what is the fashion of Pakistan.
You can either say, it is fashion of Lahore or Fashion of Karachi or Fashion of Islamabad and this fashion belongs to the upper class of the specific city or it belongs to the middle class or it belongs to lower middle class. I am afraid this definition would not be applied on the the "Current Fashion in Pakistan" even then because it will still have ambiguity.
I think, every person from every race of life carries fashion, even if he or she claims as a fashionable guy or not, he does.
Even if you talk of Lahore, you will have to ask, which class are you referring, which people are you talking about, what gender do you pointing at and what age you are asking for. And, even then you may not be able to find the correct answer as there would be a long list for the suggestions, views and dream-list for the same question. And same goes for Karachi, Islamabad and other cities like Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Multan, Rahim Yar Khan, Sialkot, Sargodha, Peshawar, Quetta and all largely populated cities and small towns even.
So the question is absolutely wrong.
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You need to hush you r rong its nt tht losers we got our style

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